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Hi I'm Jim! Your new trainer:

Transforming the body:

As an Integrated Personal Trainer, my focus is on using movement to unlock the mind-body connection, making you feel better, more capable and energized. Functional strength training, mobility work (FRC), lifestyle specific conditioning, real boxing fundamentals and highly personalized nutrition coaching are all part of the arsenal. 

Reducing your time and effort

I'll carefully map out where you stand, physically and/or mentally. Swiftly identifying the most bang-for-buck lifestyle changes we will focus on to create immediate change. Crafting a tailor-made plan to streamline your path to mind-body wellness, significantly reducing the time and effort you need to invest. (Weirdly, being told exactly what to do can be quite liberating).

Guaranteeing expert guidance

Partnering with the experts of Art of Physio, I ensure safe, efficient handling of any pre-existing conditions. All Strong Sessions programs include periodic functional joint assessments by the Art of Physio team. These will be used as a foundational guideline for a focused, effective and safe training program. 

Train with me if you:

- Want to reclaim lost ranges of motion
- Want to reduce pain during the activities you love
- Get stronger than ever by prioritizing joint function over gym muscle
- Are ready to put in smart, but also hard work (no shortcuts)
- Want professional assessment to target your limitations effectively
- Never want to question the effectiveness of your training again

Don't train with me if you:

- Are looking for shortcuts and quick fixes
- Think pushing through pain in the gym is a good idea
- Want to avoid facing your physical limitations
- Want a trainer that yells generic instructions at you like a drill sergeant.
- Want an ego driven trainer that claims to know everything

The paperwork

Certifications and Experience:

- Functional Range Strength Coach (FRISM)

- Functional Range Assessment Specialist (FRA)

- Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist (FRC)

@Functional Range Systems


- EREPS 4 Advanced Personal Trainer

@Milo Performance & Education


- Boxing Therapy Certificate


- Certified Nutrition Coach

- Certified Vitality/Lifestyle Coach

- Certified Coach


- Founder of Leadership Boxing

- Over 15 years of personal boxing experience

- Currently a (Parttime) Bsc. Psychology Student @ Open University


Contact & Corporate enquiries

I'm always open to new and exciting opportunities.

If you are looking for teambuilding and other corporate solutions in Leadership Boxing or group training feel free to reach out via e-mail, phone or Linkedin.


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