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Kinstretch & Functional Range Conditioning

As a certified Kinstretch instructor, I invite you to experience the transformative benefits of this dynamic movement system. Expand your range of motion, enhance athletic performance, and alleviate discomfort with personalized training sessions tailored to your needs. Book your assessment session now and embark on a journey to greater mobility and vitality.

Why Kinstretch?

Is Kinstretch for me?

Yes. Yes it is. You start wherever you are. This means your age, fitness level, size, history will not form a barrier to entry. I truly believe anyone can gain massive benefits from this type of training. This however does not mean everyone should train the same way. For this very reason every client will go through a full Functional Range Assessment before proceeding to more demanding training (either solo or group).


During this systemized full body assessment I, together with the Art of Physio team, will determine passive an d active joint capacity as well as discuss any history of injury.

This way we create safety, awareness and clear guidelines for volume, intensity and which movement capabilities to target. Now we can bring you the most bang-for-your buck results in the smartest, most efficient way possible.

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