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Personalized Fitness Journey for Badass Physical Goals and Waking up Feeling Awesome.

Duration: 12 weeks 

Sessions per week: 2, 3 or 4.

(In collaboration with the ART of Physio team).

This program is for you if want to :

  • Build serious muscle & strength

  • Cultivate joint health with the ART team

  • Experience structured, result-driven training

  • Trust and optimize your nutrition

  • Optimize your sleep and wake up feeling awesome

  • Move like never before

You'll grow in these areas:

Muscle Mass

Nutritional decisions

Self confidence

Healthy Posture

Fluid Movement

Training Technique and Skill

Managing energy levels

Sleep quality

This program includes :

  • (12 weeks) 3 x per week 1 on 1 training (60min)

  • 3 x Art of Physio assessment for mobility / joint health (30min, 1x per 4 weeks)

  • Personalized FRC daily mobility routines (custom follow along video)

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan

  • Personalized Sleep Optimization Routine

  • Setting you up for greatness pre-phase: (Lifestyle Audit, Accountability Contract, What if, then i Will setback mitigation plan.)

  • Weekly body composition tracking system

  • Accountability coaching with 24/7 WhatsApp access

  • Online Accountability Group

  • VIP-level Access to the CELPH university video platform

  • All Strong Sessions premium .pdf guides 

Phase 1

Foundation and Goal Setting

Week 1: Setting you up for greatness

  • Why Discovery, determining which values drive you the most

  • Lifestyle audit, how do you operate on a daily basis?

  • Accountability Contract: determine mutual expectations

  • 'What if, then I will' Planning to mitigate setbacks

  • ART of Physio Kick-off to assess joint health (30 mins)

  • Implement highly personalized training and nutrition program.

  • Build initial plan to optimize recovery + daily habits


Weeks 2-4: Mastering Training skills and Nutrition

  • Becoming fully immersed in your training program

  • Acquire key movement skills to improve posture

  • Design your FRC based  daily mobility routine

  • Closely monitoring recovery, sensitivities and make adjustments

  • Review and discuss "Why Discovery" results.

  • Emphasize reaching protein goals for building muscle

  • Initial Sleep optimization

  • Feel more confident and energetic.

Phase 2

Skill Development and Progression

Weeks 5-6: Skill Mastery

  • ART of Physio check-up for joint health (1/2) (30 min)

  • Assess progress in alignment with your "why."

  • Introduce advanced mobility exercises.

  • Enhance functional strength and mind-muscle connection

  • Set new fitness goals connected to your values.

  • Gain improved agility and coordination.

Weeks 7-8: Performance Peak

  • Review "Why Discovery" insights.

  • Master advanced movement patterns.

  • Increase workout intensity.

  • Improve balance and coordination.

  • Refine technique and skills.

  • Boost confidence in your abilities.

Phase 3

Peak Performance and Sustainability

Weeks 9-10: Achieve Peak Performance

  • ART of Physio check-up for joint health (2/2) (30 min)

  • Assess peak performance and values alignment.

  • Implement targeted strategies.

  • Fine-tune your goals.

  • Optimize joint health.

  • Stay on track and feel amazing.

Weeks 11-12: Sustain and Celebrate

  • Ensure long-term sustainability.

  • Discuss transition to maintenance.

  • Review your achievements in the context of your "why."

  • Maintain and enjoy your results.

  • Celebrate your successful journey and renewed values alignment.

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